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How to Optimize Your Sleep

Sleep is the most important aspect of recovery. See below for the reasons why sleep is so crucial in aiding performance: Running low on sleep results in a lack of energy. If you’re in a sleep deprived state, you will not perform well mentally or physically. Thus, detracting from your work and your workouts. You “grow” […]
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April MotM

April Member of the Month

It’s that time again! Meet our Member of the Month, David Sumate. David has been with Top Tier since we opened, and seems that Coach Mike’s intro class left David wanting to come back for more. Read below to learn more about David. 1. When did you start doing CrossFit? My first CrossFit workout was […]
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March Member of the Month

We are excited to announce Pam Cash, our March member of the month. Get to know Pam a bit better, and why she sticks with CrossFit. 1. When did you start doing CrossFit? My husband, Chris, and I have been cross fitting for a little over eight years. There was a year when I was […]
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Coach Tips: Double Under Efficiency

Coach Mike is back in this latest video in which he illustrates a way to make double unders more efficient. Oftentimes, when people pike while doing double unders it is because the ball of their foot is slightly out in front of their body. That fault can easily be fixed by keeping the ball of the foot […]
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Coach Tips Bar Facing Burpees

Coach Tips: Bar Facing Burpees

Our latest tip has Coach Mike Priest showing his strategy that would be best applied in a workout that has a lot of bar facing burpees. Additionally, this could work for a workout that is longer in duration where you would try to keep your heart rate down as long as possible. Most people know […]
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February Member of the Month

Meet our latest Member of the Month, Braxton DeCamp! Braxton is a regular and a big fan of Top Tier. Read below to find out a bit more about what he likes most about coming to our box: 1. When did you start doing CrossFit? I started a light version of CrossFit my junior year of […]
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Coach Tips: Pistols

Have trouble keeping your balance when doing pistols? Coach Mike Priest brings you the latest Coach Tip video to show how to use your arms to help keep your balance during a pistol. This technique allows for more even bodyweight distribution throughout the movement which should lead to better control and balance overall. Check out the video and […]
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Coach Tips: Wall Ball Efficiency

Looking to refine your skill and approach? We’re starting a video series with tips and tricks on how to approach your CrossFit workout. Here, Top Tier coach Mike shows two ways to more efficiently perform wall balls. The goal of both of these techniques is to avoid leaving your arms extended overhead while waiting for the ball to […]
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TTC 17000-01 D1 Blog Post - January Member

January Member of the Month

We’re starting off our 2017 member of the month with Alex Rutledge. Alex has been a member of Top Tier CrossFit since we opened our doors in September 2014! 1.  When did you start doing CrossFit? I did bootcamp at CrossFit Downtown for a couple of years. When Top Tier opened I started doing the CrossFit […]
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Dec Member of the Month

December Member of the Month

We’re wrapping up the year with our final 2016 Member of the Month!  This month we’re excited to announce Karla Cromer. Read on to hear about Karla’s experience: 1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started CrossFit in late 2013, after a couple of my friends who also do CrossFit kept talking about it […]
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